Stuffed Jalapenos

This past Christmas, my parents bought each family a jalapeno holder for Christmas. This may go down as the best gift ever. You are probably asking yourself, what is a jalapeno holder, right?? Well, ours is a Texas star, that you can place stuffed jalapenos into  and cook them on the grill. Not only is it a fun holder to have for the looks of it, but it also makes cooking jalapenos easy. My parents bought these at a local Trade Days, where a whole bunch of vendors come in and sell things they made. We ended up coming across the man that makes these, and he was awesome. Not only did he tell us some great tips on how to perfect these, but he just had some overall great stories to share. Check out his info below if you are interested in buying a jalapeno holder as well. They make great gifts too!

Cowboy Cookin’ by Artforms, RSMITH7435@AOL.COM


Now, back to the recipe since trust me, you won’t want to pass this over. As we have tried different things with jalapenos, we have finally perfected them and have an overall favorite. What’s the secret you ask?? Goat cheese! Yup! Not cream cheese! We have found that goat cheese doesn’t ooze out as much, isn’t as “sweet” as cream cheese, and really perfects these! Wrapped with a piece of bacon around them, WOW!! The man that sold us the holder, even told us a fun idea abut adding a drop of honey to the bottom of each jalapeno prior to stuffing. The heat as it cooks will caramelize the honey and turn the last bite into pure Heaven!!

*If you do not have a holder, and also aren’t planning on getting one, this recipe will still work, just place them on their sides, on the grill or in oven.



  • 12 jalapenos, cored and membrane/seeds removed
  • 1 package goat cheese
  • 2 tsp smoked chipotle pepper
  • 1 package bacon
  • Honey



  1. Clean out jalapenos and remove all seeds.
  2. Place a drop of honey in the bottom of each jalapeno.
  3. In a small bowl, combine the goat cheese and chipotle pepper.
  4. Using a knife, scoop some cheese mixture and stuff into each pepper. *Be sure to fill it only about 3/4 full as you don’t want it to make a mess by oozing out.
  5. Take one piece of bacon per jalapeno, and wrap it around the jalapeno. Use a toothpick through the center to secure the bacon in place.
  6. Place each jalapeno in the holder (or laying on a cookie sheet), and cook in the oven for 18-22 minutes at 350, or grill for about 25 minutes (on cool end of grill).
  7. Remove toothpick once cooked, and serve!! Enjoy!!





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