Chicken Ranch Tacos (slow-cooker)

I came across a version of these that were made in the skillet. Since I love using my slow cooker, I decided to tweak it a bit and try this variety! The ranch made the taco very flavorful and had a “creamy” type taste to it, which was amazing!! I highly recommend these.


2 lbs chicken, frozen or thawed
1 packet dry ranch dressing mix
1 packet taco seasoning (I used mild, use any spice level desired)
1 can chicken broth
Ranch dressing
Taco toppings (sour cream, tomatoes, cheese, etc.)


Place chicken breasts in slow cooker. Add ranch mix and taco mix on top. Pour in can of chicken broth and place lid on slow cooker. Cook 4-5 hours on high, 7-8 hours on low. Once chicken is cooked, shred with a fork and scoop onto a warm tortilla. Add toppings to taco as well as a layer of ranch dressing for added flavor.
I served mine with Spanish rice and beans! Enjoy!!

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