Shish Kabob Skewer Rack

A few weeks ago, I was approached by a company called Cave Tools. They sell all types of BBQ products from meat tenderizers, kabob skewers, racks, and more! They asked if I would be willing to review one of their products, and sent me their shish kabob skewer rack.

Since my hubby does all the grilling, he was quite excited about testing out a new “toy”. We opted to make steak kabobs since we had had some yummy steaks to use up!! After we were done cutting up all the vegetables and meat, we began to assemble them on the skewers provided in the rack. It was extremely simple to use and quite convenient to be able to fill up each skewer and place it on the rack.

Once the rack was filled, he carried it over to the grill (again, what a convenience) and began cooking them! Some of the immediate advantages to using this rack that we noticed were; no messy clean up because the food stayed within the rack and not actually on the grill, the food slid right off each skewer once it was cooked and ready to enjoy, and best part of all, the rack is dishwasher safe….so once dinner was enjoyed, we popped everything in the dishwasher and had an easy clean up!!

Now that we have this product, I can’t imagine not using it going forward!!

Cave Tools is offering YOU a 15% discount to try out their product!! With Fathers Day quickly approaching, this would be a great idea!! Use the code LHWJZQMZ at checkout to receive the discount. Click HERE to order through Amazon, or click HERE to order through their website. The code is valid on both sites!

Shish Kabob Skewer Rack



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