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Being a blogger, I have been given several opportunities to try amazing products and brands out….so I can share the information with all of you. My most favorite site to receive these opportunities is a site called IZEA!

IZEA provides bloggers, Viners, Instagrammers, YouTubers, and other online personalities the ability to monetize their online influence. You are able to use their platform to connect with brands you love for sponsored opportunities. You can respond to marketers who approach you or actively bid on opportunities with a customized pitch on why you are a fit for their product. The best part about it, you have complete control over who you work with and what is said. No one tells you that you have to like something, or say a certain thing. Everything written is 100% authentic!

IZEA recently launched an app so now you can check your dashboard anytime, anywhere, and it is much more convenient! No longer do you have to only use the computer for checking the site. Now, you can be in the bus stop line, grocery store, camping in the woods (haha), watching tv, etc. Be rewarded for creating and sharing content for the brands you love!! Check out their app here,


And be sure to check out their site here,


Nothing is better than being able to share your opinions on all your favorite brands, and get paid to do it right?? Get started today!!

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