Family Recipe Submissions

With the Holidays coming up, I thought it would be a fun idea to include some of YOUR recipes on the blog. Family recipes can be some of the best recipes around. Lots of fun stories, memories, and a way for families to bond and come together.

Between 12/12-12/20, if you have a family recipe you would like shared on the blog, please email me at

Be sure to include an intro to it such as a memory, funny story, describe what the recipe is, etc. Also be sure to include a picture and title!

I will publish at least one recipe submission starting on December 21 and continue through Dec 29! You will get full credit and I will post the story/intro exactly as you wrote it.

I can’t wait to see all the yummy recipes! Have fun with it and it can be any type of recipe!!


whats cookin 3 x 5 recipe card






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  1. RoseAnn says:

    I wish I had the recipe for you but I don’t. We tried so very hard to get the recipe from Grandma, but she didn’t measure anything. She cooked & baked with a “handful of this” , a “handful of that” She was born in the early 1900’s. I guess that’s how they baked & cooked back then.

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