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One of my favorite things to do is bake! Whether I make dinners, desserts, snacks, or something else, most of the time I enjoy it! With the upcoming Holiday season, my kitchen is being used a lot more. I like to start Christmas baking early, and freeze the goodies as I go. Once ready, I pull everything out of my freezer and start putting my goodie trays together for friends/family.

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Rock-it Oil Stone

A few days ago, I decided to make our Peach Cobbler Crisp as a special treat for dessert. After a day of baking, I was in the mood for something quick and easy. As I was putting it together, I got distracted and didn’t notice that I had accidentally spilled some of the pie filling on my counter. I moved on with the dessert and even partially cleaned up the kitchen, saving the rest for the next morning. When the next day came and I was deep cleaning my kitchen, I noticed the spill, but by that point, it was dried on and hard to clean off. I decided to put my bottle of Rock-it-oil to the test and see if it would make things easier to clean. Sure enough, it worked great and allowed the spill to wipe right up!

Rock-it-oil stone works like a power magnet to attract and remove trapped dirt, grease, and stains, without scratching the surface. It even polishes the surface without scratching! Not only does it not affect any sealers, but it is also biodegradable and environmentally friendly!

Right now, Rock-it-oil stone is having a fun giveaway! The giveaway ends December 31st, winners being announced on their website January 5! One winner will receive $2000 to use towards a brand new Granite countertop! You must sign up using the widget below!

To find Rock-it-oil, go to your nearest Home Depot and you will find it in their cleaning department. With the Holidays coming up, I highly recommend keeping a bottle on hand in case you too have baking messes, or just want to keep your counters polished for any parties!! You’ll love it!!






Rock-it Oil Stone Giveaway – Upgrade your Kitchen with $2000!Visit Sponsor's Site

Rock-it Oil Stone Giveaway – Upgrade your Kitchen with $2000!

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