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I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to check out Graze Box. Let me tell you, I am definitely a new fan!!! I went on their website and was able to explore all the available snack options and their rating system. It was very user friendly and easy to navigate through.

Since I was open to trying new things, I did not select “no” to any of their options and when we received our box, we found all sorts of new yummy treats! I love the “My Thai” snack pack and especially the dipping sauce it came with. Being a stay at home mom of three small kids, sometimes I have little time to grab snacks for myself throughout the day. The convenient snack packs the box comes with make it easy to grab one and go! They would be great to bring to work, pack in a lunch, etc.

The snacks in the box are selected on your own preference. Simply click “love it, like it, or trash it” to add or eliminate it from your box. If you have allergies, no problem, select “trash it” on the item and you will never have it added to your box.

Not only do they offer a ton of varieties for every preference, but they also offer a low calorie box for those not wanting to splurge on snacks! Graze box definitely can contribute to a healthy living/lifestyle. Each snack is made sure to have a benefit to you whether it be providing protein, vitamins, or other nutrients! Didyou know they have over 90 unique snack creations? You are bound to find several you LOVE!!

Using the code SUMMERBOX10 or clicking the link below, you can experience your first Graze box free!!! I highly recommend trying at least one box, I think you too will fall in love!! The boxes can be sent weekly, or bi weekly, depending on your preference and each box comes with 4 different snack packs. They can even be sent directly to your work office!!

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