How Fresh Stays Fresh

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When my hubby and I first got married, had no kids at the time, and I was working a Monday-Friday, 8-5 job, I found it difficult to come home and cook dinner. After using all my energy at work, the last thing I wanted to do was cook an elaborate dinner. I often ran to the store to buy a bunch of frozen food items, and used those for our meals. Freezing is how fresh foods stay fresh. Freezing naturally pauses inspired recipes made with fresh, quality ingredients and suspends them there until the moment you are ready to enjoy them, locking in freshness, and nutrients.

After reading the back of several frozen food items, I found the there are brands out there that sell food made with real recipe and real ingredients. Freezing is simply a natural pause button that keeps just picked, just baked and just crafted foods at the peak of freshness. Freezing simply suspends food and locks in the nutrients until it is heated and served! With many shoppers being so busy these days, sometimes fresh isnt always an option, and freezing adds more time to the day.

Since I now stay home with my kids, I do tend to cook from scratch more often. Fresh is fantastic, however, my daughter LOVES to enjoy a Kelloggs Eggo waffle every morning with her breakfast. They are called “syrup waffles” in my house. My son enjoys General Mills Toaster Strudels as a special treat in the mornings. Sometimes, as a quick lunch for myself, I will buy a ConAgra Foods Healthy Choice lunch item and it will keep me satisfied until dinner. Believe it or not, one of my families most favorite dinners is Stouffers Lasagna from Nestle. The flavor of it makes you feel like it is something fresh out of an Italian restaurant. Yum!!

With so many options nowadays, everyone can find something to fit their preferences. Portion sizes are easily controlled and preparation is easy, there are a variety of different types of cuisines readily available, etc.

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