Slow Cooker Giveaway

We are so excited to announce our next prize giveaway!! We have teamed up with Foodies TVΒ Β and will be giving away a programmable, 6 quart, slow cooker!!! Our slow cooker is one of our most favorite kitchen appliances. Whether making breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the slow cooker is perfect for any occasion.

To enter the contest, simply follow the instructions below!!


1. You need to be a follower of The Cookin Chicks

2. You need to be a follower of Foodies TV (trust me, they have AMAZING recipes, you’ll love their page)

3. Answer the question below by adding a comment to this post


That’s it! That is all you need to do to enter the contest!!! We will randomly select a winner on Monday, May 19th. U.S residents only please (we love our international followers, however, this prize only allows us to ship within the US)


Question: The first thing I will make in my new slow cooker is: ____________________________



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  1. Donna Sampson says:

    My daughter has this slow cooker and I’m so I’d love to make a nice pot roast in this slow cooker!!

  2. Lisa Mullins says:

    I will be making my breakfast casserole for my kiddos. They love hot meals before school but I hate having to cook breakfast that early. So I do as much in my crockpot as I can. πŸ™‚

  3. Gail Parrish says:

    Corned beef…I have only boiled it..have never had a slow cooker..just like I have never had a dishwasher!!

  4. Blake says:

    I’ll be making some meatballs in marinara for meatball subs! Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone!

  5. Dani Hugues says:

    My daughters favorite birthday meal! Pork chops in a white sauce with mushrooms over fettuccine!! Yummo!

  6. Martina Montgomery says:

    Turkey tails, my Fiancee always wanted them, but I don’t have a crock pot

  7. Blair Miller says:

    The first thing I would make is pulled pork sandwiches as they are trendy right now and delish!!!!!

  8. Tameko James says:

    Oooh…been wanting to try this crock pot lasagna recipe! Love those sturdy handles πŸ™‚

  9. Diane White says:

    I don’t know so many delicious recipes to choose from…chili/rib roast/stew chicken..

  10. Anonymous says:

    Pot roast, it will be mu first time making a dinner for my fiance and I m, he always does the cooking and I would love to surprise him !

  11. Cindy Bull says:

    Enjoy Life <3 Giving you free time to spend with family and friends! That is what a Slow Cooker is all about. <3

  12. shayna provencal says:

    Pot roast it will be my first time cooking for my fiance and myself , he always does the cooking and I would love to surprise him !

  13. Chantelle Langhorne says:

    The right question would be how many of your wonderful recipes on your wonderful sites can I make in this πŸ™‚ . I have a few I would love to try and with this fabulous crock pot its perfect size to entertain my friends and family!

  14. Kristie says:

    Shredded chicken tacos and pulled pork and steak and anything pork so it’s not tough!!! πŸ˜‰

  15. Elizabeth Gordon says:

    I would make a big batch of spaghetti sauce with some meatballs ,it would be awesome to do in this slow cooker…:D πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ …!!!!!!

  16. Danielle Pflueger says:

    Probably my most requested item to bring to parties – buffalo chicken wing soup!

  17. Katie Sherrill says:

    The first think I will make in my new crock pot is Sunday gravy, with ribs meatballs and sausage. Or maybe a corned beef dinner with potatoes carrots and cabbage. No, definitely the Sunday gravy. Sunday gravy!

  18. Joddi Harkness says:

    I have been wanting to try the recipe that I saw on your page which is the Slow Cooker Ziti. It looks absolutely delish!!! But my husband the 3 boys are big meat eaters so they would probably appreciate roast or ribs even more.

  19. Holly says:

    Pot Roast! I just went back to work full time and really need a programmable crock pot!!

  20. Elaine Kandeler says:

    I really do need this. I use one all the time, but the handle of the one I use just broke off of the glass lid, as I was holding it, and shattered in a million pieces.Yikes~

  21. Jessica Newby says:

    I would make pot roast one day! Then turn around and make red beans and rice with sausage! Yum!!!

  22. Joyce Sawyer says:

    roast with carrots, onions, potatoes, and onion/mushroom gravy. My husband’s favorite!

  23. Becky W says:

    The first thing I plan on making in this beautiful Slow Cooker is Italian Tomato Shredded Chicken Breast. Second thing is my Turkey Cheddar Meatballs. The third thing will be Lasagna.. I know you only said one recipe but I could easily cook daily in a slow cooker!!

  24. Charity Taylor says:

    We have two new babies being born 2 weeks apart so I would make the 2 new mommy’s a good old fashion roast.

  25. Robin Rossi says:

    A giant roast so we can have the first dinner, then lots of meals from the leftovers. Shredded beef tacos, a hash and a soup, probably!

  26. Anonymous says:

    pot roast!!! and then pinto beans and then chicken tortilla soup all in one day πŸ™‚ i love slow cookers

  27. alonso.steff says:

    pot roast and then pinto beans and chicken tortilla soup, all in one day lol i love slow cookers πŸ™‚

  28. Dawn Tift says:

    I would cook whatever I can and it also depends how I am feeling. This would come in handy.

  29. Patty Jensen says:

    My husband & I like the roast made with coke cola, cream of mushroom soup mixed with dry onion soup mix. That would be the first thing to make. Thank you for this opportunity.

  30. Felicia Miller Harris says:

    I would prepare a chuck roast with beefy onion soup mix and potatoes, carrots and mushrooms!

  31. Cindy says:

    venison stew. Or anything that will make my life alittle less stressful when we get home from work or when we go camping. Who wouldn’t like easy and enjoy family and friends.

  32. Melissa Catt says:

    Pulled pork maybe a cheese dip or maybe a roast or a slow cooked chicken. Would be hard to decide.

  33. Lizete Lavolpicella says:

    The 1st thing I would make is, Barbacoa. (Mexican barbeque) love the aroma of the guajillo chile and spices slow cooking for a super tender chuck roast barbacoa.

  34. april perez says:

    Corn beef with cabbage and potatoes will be really good if i will i have this slow cooker. πŸ™‚ Good luck to everyone.

  35. Rosangela Resendiz says:

    My husband and sons favorite pot roast with small corn on the cob, potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, & pearl onions simmered for hours in au ju sauce.β™₯

  36. Bree Underwood says:

    Some sort of breakfast dish! I can set the timer the night before and forget about it!

  37. Delores Meyers says:

    I would live to win this wonderful Crock Pot to make some yummy BBQ short Ribs:):):)

  38. Sarah Bissell says:

    I found a slow cooker recipe on foodies tv. Can’t remember the name off the top of my head but I’ll probably make that. And mayb some meatballs for meatball subs. Yummy.

  39. Bonnie says:

    Ya know, as a Canadian (US neighbours to the north) I really don’t consider us as international visitors. So, not sure why your closest allies can’t be part of the competition. My two cents.

  40. Kristin says:

    We totally agree and are sorry for needing to keep this giveaway in the US only. The item we are shipping has firm shipping policies of US only. Most giveaways we have include Canada, so keep checking back!! Thanks!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    Lasagna, pot roast, mac and cheese! So many things that the list is to long! Love crock pots!!! Life saver for the working group

  42. Samantha says:

    Pork Roast with potatoes and carrots, they way my grandma used too. Comfort food for the win!

  43. Grace says:

    I use my old slow cooker for so many meals, but maybe the first meal I would make in a new cooker would be with a beef roast or chicken breasts.

  44. Linda Collins says:

    Pork Roast, I make a killer one I have a couple secret ingredients that I don’t think I’ve ever seen used in any recipes, my family loves all my roasts

  45. Enjoli McKinley says:

    My granny will be turning 80 this year and i would love to cook her a Pot Roast with potatoes in this!!!

  46. Kimberly D says:

    I would Dry Cook a Whole Chicken……It is just like a Rotissary Chicken.
    Good Luck Everyone

  47. kira says:

    Most definitely going to be a new recipe I found yesterday, sweet hawiian chicken. It just sounds so yummy.

  48. Beth Cantrell says:

    It has to be comfort food. It will either be pot roast with vegetables (like mom used to make) or the ultimate comfort food-chicken and dumplings.

  49. Juanita A. says:

    I would make a coca cola brisket, a pot roast with the works, chili the idea are endless.

  50. Trudy Holden says:

    My comment says Anonymous but it’s me…really it is! Chicken and Dumplings for my grandchildren…they are yummy!

  51. chu jurado says:

    I would not know what recipe I would do if I did win the crock pot… I probably try everything from appetizers, entrees, and desserts.. I don’t own one but would like to learn to how to use one.. I hear how easy it is to just put everything together and leave it..

  52. Katie Reynolds says:

    The first thing I will make in my new slow cooker is: Italian Chicken Alfredo!!! Me and my family cannot get enough!

  53. Angela Mullen says:

    I would make chicken marsala for my brother’s graduation or French toast casserole just because the possibilities are endless!

  54. Monica Bailey says:

    Meatballs, Beef Stew, Chicken Noodle Soup or Taco Soup. Pretty much anything! I don’t have a slow cooker and have been dying to get one!

  55. Deborah Wilson says:

    There’s so many that comes to mind but I would like to try Creamy Chicken and Broccoli over Rice for my 1st time.

  56. Cris Rutten says:

    ‘Hutsepot’ is the first meal I would make in this slow cooker. This is a delicious Belgian recepi. And now I hope that I, living in Belgium make a chance. Thank you!!!

  57. Robin Szolek says:

    First, I would make a pork roast with sauerkraut & home made dumplings then I would make Beef Stroganoff :o),

  58. Joyce Damadio says:

    being in braces makes it hard for me to stand and cook a long meal. the slow cooker would be such a help to cook so many of the recipes I have especially my Italian sausage stew.

  59. Anonymous says:

    slow cooker chicken pot pie over biscuits, just like mom use to make in her cast iron skillet.

  60. David White says:

    slow cooker chicken pot pie over biscuits, just like mom use to make in her cast iron skillet.

  61. Arlene Butler says:

    Oh I think I would make a big ‘ol pot of black-eyed peas (with a nice ham hock, of course). That would be great with a pone of cornbread and a mess of turnip greens.

  62. Debbie Uptain says:

    The first thing I will make would be pork green chili so I can make my wonderful green chili enchiladas. Winning this crockpot on my birthday would be an awesome gift.

  63. Karen Skaggs says:

    meatloaf, with potatoes cooked under. Made this in my other crockpot which is old and worn out and it was SOOOO good!

  64. Jen Fhurong says:

    Could definitely use this for my daughters upcoming graduation party. Baked beans or some other side to feed economically

  65. Daniel Antrup says:

    The first thing I will make in my new slow cooker is: homemade mac and cheese, or maybe pulled bbq chicken, but, there are so many to decide from.