Coconut Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Last week, when I made these for my family, not only did they go crazy over them, but they all said that they would gladly eat them every single week! The flavor on these was incredible. The coconut oil gave the sweet potatoes a caramelized taste and really helped enhance the flavor. I will definitely be making these again, and again, and again!!

2 lbs sweet potatoes, peeled and diced
2 tbsp virgin coconut oil
2 tsp brown sugar
3/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp black ground pepper
1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
Peel and dice the sweet potatoes and place in a bowl. Melt the coconut oil over the stove top. Once melted, pour over the sweet potatoes. Add in the sugar, salt, pepper, and nutmeg. Mix together until the potatoes are coated evenly. Pour into a large baking dish, I used a cookie sheet, and place into a preheated oven, 350. Bake for about 45-55 minutes, or until potatoes are tender. Serve!
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