Healthy Egg Salad

Since yesterday was Easter, we all went over to my parents house for the day. Grammy, aka my mom, bought egg decorating kits and hard boiled some eggs. We ended up bringing 15 eggs home!! My oldest son loves hard boiled eggs by themselves, so I packed one for his lunch. However, my other two kiddos are not fans, so I had to figure out a way to use up 14 eggs. My hubby and I love egg salad sandwiches, so I decided to test out a new version. Instead of using tons of the calorie filled mayonnaise, I used Greek yogurt. Although I did not have high hopes for it, it ended up surprising me and being delicious!! I will definitely be making this again this week for another lunch, and may use it in place of my original version!!

If you have extra hard boiled eggs from Easter, or just enjoy a yummy egg salad sandwich, definitely try this lightened up version. It is good on bread, rolls, tortillas, or on a salad!! Enjoy!
Ingredients: (this makes 2 sandwiches)
2-3 eggs, hard boiled and chopped fine
1/4 cup plain, non-fat Greek yogurt
1 tsp yellow mustard
Salt/Pepper/Paprika to taste
1 dill pickle spear, chopped fine (optional)
Stir together the chopped eggs, yogurt, mustard, and seasonings. Once mixed, fold in the pickle if using. Serve on bread or as desired! *Keep refrigerated when not eating

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