eMeals.com Review

A few weeks ago, I was approached by eMeals.com to review their meal planning site. eMeals is an online meal planning solution with an established base of hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. They offer a wide variety of lifestyle meal plans including Clean Eating, Paleo, Low Fat, Low Carb, Natural & Organic, Portion Control, Gluten Free, Classic, and Vegetarian meal plans. Users can choose from 12-month subscription term at $58, 6-month subscription term at $35, or 3-month subscription term at $21.

 I was given a subscription, sent a copy of the week’s meal plan, followed by the grocery list needed to make the recipes. I must admit, I was hesitant at first. I typically like being the one to plan the meals, come up with fun variations of old recipes, etc. I did not know how I would like being sent a weekly meal plan, told how to make it, what to buy, etc. Once I received the first week’s meals, I looked it over, and was quite impressed! They made it so easy, the recipes were delicious, and it had recipes that were actually family/kid friendly. It made it so convenient being able to have the meals planned out, not have to add things to the grocery list, etc.

If you are short on time, not a fan of meal planning, a working mom or dad, etc. I HIGHLY recommend trying this out. You can get a short term subscription to test it out and if you decide you do not like it, you can choose not to renew it. You get to decide what plan you want, and if you get a list of meals that you aren’t in love with, you can change the plan the next week! If you are interested in learning more or signing up, click the picture below! I will continue keeping you posted on the new meal plans as I go. I am new to this meal planning tool, so I am quite excited to share it with you all!!

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