Canned Peaches (using no sugar)

Since my hubby and I have moved to Washington, we have heard so much about canning. We decided to try making our own jam and quickly realized how amazing it tastes. We now only keep homemade jam in the house!! I had heard about canning peaches and other fruits, but had never tried it. As my family was coming home from my parents house last week, we saw a stand on the side of the road selling fresh peaches. We decided to pull over and grab a box. When we got home with them, we saw how many we truly had and decided there was NO WAY I could use them all up in recipes before they went bad. We decided to try canning them. It was not hard at all, and we ended up using no sugar or syrup. We tried them last night with dinner and they were delicious. It literally tastes just like eating a peach, only this time, it won’t go bad before I remember it is there, hehe!! Definitely try this version if you like peaches!!


Peaches (as many as you want want canned)
Mason Jars
Water Bath Canner or Steam Bath Canner



Rinse all peaches and make sure all the peaches are ripe. Rinse all of the jars you will be using. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Fill one side of your kitchen sink with cold water. Carefully place a few peaches (I did 5 at a time) in the boiling water. Keep them in there for about 20 seconds. Remove peaches using a slotted spoon and place them in the sink of cold water. The skin should be able to peel off easily at this point. Continue process until all peaches are skinned. Slice peach in half and remove pit. If you want sliced peaches, slice them at this point, or you can leave them in halves. Place peaches into jar, making sure to slightly push down on peaches as you fill the jar. You want to have the peach juice fill up remaining gaps in jar since you will not be using syrup. Continue filling the jars until each is full. The peaches will cook down slightly. Place lids on the jars and screw on the cap. When the water is boiling in your water bath, place jars (ours fits about 10) inside. Allow to cook in there 25 minutes for pint jars, 30 minutes for quart jars. Once cooked, remove from water bath and allow to cool on your counter. The jars should make a “popping” noise. This will let you know they have sealed. If you push on the lid, it should be sealed and not be able to move.

This is the water bath canner I use, it works great!! Click here to view it!
These are the jars I use. Click here to view them!

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