Cake Mix Waffles

Okay, so this may not qualify as a recipe, but this qualifies as an amazing life discovery, new found obsession, etc. Can you tell I am excited about this? If not, let me tell you, I AM!! 

About two weeks ago, my mom sent me a pin from Pinterest. It was cake mix waffles. I saw the process and thought, “hmmmm……a crispy cake waffle”. I was not too impressed since I like the moist and fluffy cakes, and figured, no way could my waffle iron produce that. 

Fast forward one week, I was grocery shopping and saw cake mix on sale for $0.89. How do I pass that up, right? I grabbed a few boxes of the Devils food cake and figured, I could find something to make. That evening, I was majorly craving a sweet, but had about 0% interest in making something. I decided to try out these cake mix waffles. My husband and I whipped the batter up in about 3 minutes and then poured some into our waffle iron. Let me tell you, when we saw the “waffle” rise up, I began to get excited. Could it actually be fluffy and cake-like? YES, it most definitely was. We served these with a scoop of our chocolate peanut butter ice-cream and it was amazing!! The “cakeffle” (our new term for these) was fluffy, moist, and tasted just like a mini cake. It was done in about 2 minutes and we were amazed! We saved the batter and made them again the next night!!

You must try these, I think you too will fall in love. You could try any boxed cake. I think that spice cake would taste quite yummy with the Fall weather!!


1 box cake mix (plus ingredients to make mix)


Prepare cake mix as directed on the box. Preheat your waffle iron and pour cake batter into iron as you would a waffle. Cook about 3 minutes, or until done. Remove from iron and serve with a scoop of ice-cream!!

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