Amazing Tomato Ketchup

A few weeks back, I was sent two bottles of this ketchup to test. I wasn’t really thinking too much into it because ketchup is ketchup, all the same, right?? Well I was definitely wrong! This ketchup was amazing!!! The taste was delicious, the ingredients listed on the back were ones I had actually heard of, and the flavor was out of this world. It is awesome knowing that the ketchup my kids are devouring, is full of veggies!! This ketchup wasn’t too sugary, not too salty, and it had a garlic flavor to it, which I loved. I would HIGHLY recommend trying this out. It may cost a few extra dollars as compared to the grocery store version, but the flavor and amount of healthy vegetables, makes it worth it!!! This ketchup is gluten free, has no high fructose corn syrup in it, and is vegan!!! I will definitely be keeping this ketchup stocked up in my house!! With summer coming up and grilling season starting, this is a must have!!

Be sure to check out their product at The Amazing Tomato. They are also on Facebook, so you can stay up on their product, updates, etc.

Thanks Amazing Tomato!! We thoroughly enjoyed testing your ketchup!!!!


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