Salmon in a Bag

My family and I LOVE salmon. When we moved to Washington from Texas, we were super excited about all the yummy/fresh seafood. I however, found out, that I am not really a seafood lover. The only thing I can honestly say that I love, is salmon. We always make sure we have some in the freezer, and when I make it, I have to pull out tons since our 5 year old eats a bigger portion than I do hehe. This version is super simple, makes for easy clean up, and full of flavor. The salmon is moist and literally falls apart!! 


Salmon Fillets (as many as needed to feed your family)
Tin Foil


Slice your lemon(s) into several slices. Lay slices down on tin foil. Place salmon fillet on top of lemon, making sure that you have enough lemons underneath to cover bottom of fillet. Sprinkle salt/pepper on top of salmon. *I sprinkled our salmon seasoning on top as well, this isnt needed, but if you have some, be sure to add it. Cut 1 tbsp portions of butter and place 1-2 on top. Close up tin foil creating a packet. Place salmon bag in preheated oven (350) and bake for 30 minutes. Remove from oven/ foil bag, and serve.

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