Acorn Cookies

These cute little acorns are perfect for kid events, Thanksgiving treats, or just for fun. I had planned on making them for a playdate last week, but my kiddos ended up getting sick, so we never went. I decided to make them randomly yesterday for the kids as a special treat and they just loved them! These are simple and so cute to make, you could put them in a little decorative bag as a treat for some friends, or just make them as a yummy to snack on throughout the day, either way, they are sure to be eaten up!!


Nutter Butter round cookies (I just bought a few of the to-go snack packs)
Chocolate Chips
Hershey kisses (I used the ones filled with caramel)


In a small bowl, melt about one cup of chocolate chips. This will be used as your “glue”. Take each hershey kiss and unwrap it. Place a small amount of melted chocolate on the flat side of the kiss. Attach it to the nutter butter cookie. Continue until all your cookies have a hershey kiss attached. Allow to dry for a few minutes. Once chocolate is dry, take some more chocolate chips on place a small amount of melted chocolate on the bottom and attach it to the top of the nutter butter cookie. Once it dries, you are ready to eat them!!!

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