Marinated Chicken over Salad

Last night for dinner, I made my hubby and me a salad with cut up chicken on it. Not only was it super quick to make, but it was quite filling as well.This is a SUPER easy idea, and changes things up a bit from normal meals I make!! To make this even more simple, you can cook an extra chicken breast one night and freeze it until you are ready to make this meal!!


Tomato, chopped
Avocado, chopped
Hard Boiled Egg, sliced
Lettuce, as much as you want
Shredded cheese
Salad dressing
Chicken Breast, sliced or chopped
Cucumber, chopped


Shred lettuce onto plate, adding as much as you want. Take the other ingredients and pile on top ending with salad dressing of your choice. 

Thats it, so simple and yummy! Yes, there are TONS of additional things you can add into your salad and ways to change it up. This is only what I did last night, so be creative and enjoy!! My chicken was an extra one from last week when we marinated chicken in a carribean sauce, YUMMY and made the salad full of flavor.

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